Character dance is a term used to describe the various national and folk dances from around the world, which often form part of ballet. Many familiar classical ballets feature character dances - for example, Swan Lake, Coppelia or La Fille Mal Gardée, to name a few. Character dances often have very strong rhythms, which reflect their folk origins. This style of dance often uses different steps to classical ballet, expanding the students’ dancing ability and reinforcing basic techniques.

About OTM Character Dancing Classes

  • Students develop strength and conditioning for safe dance practice through Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

  • Classes focus on alignment and muscle memory for improved technique across all dance styles

  • Character dancing introduces students to different traditional dance styles from around the world, giving them the experience of dance’s rich history

  • Movement vocabulary is expanded with new steps, which also develop students’ skills in ballet and creative dance

  • Character dancing improves style and artistry through movement and enhances performance skills

What to Wear

  • Ballet uniform or leotard, convertible tights or leggings

  • Character shoes

  • Hair tied off face

  • No jewellery


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