Learn how to improvise, create and analyse dance, and build on your creative confidence in the process. 


Ages: Grade 4 to teens

All our students, even those in our youngest classes, are exposed to the experience of dance-making. Creative dance or structured improvisation is the first impulse of a choreographer.

This class brings together students' improvisational and design skills with techniques studied in ballet and contemporary technique. Our students are encouraged to create and analyse dance. A component of the choreography syllabus includes making and performing in a dance film.

The simplest way to define choreography is as dance composition. Choreography is a synthesis of creativity and mathematics. A dance may be narrative, abstract or a combination of the two. There are many layers to consider when creating a dance. The choreographer designs or determines the dancers relationship with music, with other dancers, with space and their own body.

Students who choose to study choreography have to be attending at least one other movement technique such as classical, contemporary or creative dance.

What to wear

  • A short or long sleeved tee-shirt

  • Leggings, shorts or tracksuit pants

  • Hair tied off the face

  • No jewellery

  • Bare feet


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