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Kirstie McCracken

Kirstie trained at the Victorian College of the Arts, she has toured nationally and internationally performing works with Chunky Move (Flesh Meet, Body Parts, Live Acts, Singularity), Lucy Guerin Inc (The Ends of Things, Melt, Plasticine Park, On, Aether, Love Me, Structure and Sadness, Corridor, Weather), Force Majeure (Same, same but different, Already Elsewhere, The Sense of It, The Age I’m In, Never did me any Harm), Byron Perry (Punctuated Equilibrium, Gogglebox, Double Think), Tasdance (Hypermobile), Fiona Cameron (Looking for Life Cure) and Nicole Steven (Frame Chaser). She also collaborated with Lisa Griffiths choreographing and performing in two short works for the ‘Studio’ at the Sydney Opera House and has performed in various commercial projects including a Music Video for New Buffalo (It’s True). Kirstie is a multiple award nominee for the Greenroom, Helpmann and Australian Dance Awards. Kirstie retired from performing in 2014 and has been developing her teaching practice from her home base in the town of Daylesford in country Victoria. In 2015 she was inducted into the Victorian College of the Arts hall of fame.