Lauren Jeffreys

Lauren started dancing when she was 10 or 11 years old. She started with 1 class a week and very quickly it became several classes a week. She was hooked. She studied Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, anything she could do. She danced after school, on weekends, at school, in the lunch breaks, in the kitchen around her mother cooking dinner...everywhere. After graduating high school she went on to complete a bachelor in Dance Performance at QUT in Brisbane. From here life took her overseas and along many different paths (always with some dancing involved), eventually leading to a yoga teacher training. After the birth of her first daughter Lauren completed a pre and post natal yoga TTC and fell in love with working with new mothers. Now she has three daughters. They love dancing and Lauren is finding more time for teaching. She is excited to be bringing more dance and movement back into her life. Dancing has given her the best memories, and the closest friends. Now, she can be a part of those memories for her students.