Experience the joy of dance while developing confidence, creativity and sound technical foundations.

Ages: preschool – 18 year olds

Classical ballet is a disciplined art form, giving students an awareness of posture, musicality, spacial awareness and an opportunity to develop focus, commitment and concentration skills. All these abilities are an important part of a dancer's development and are an excellent foundation for other dance forms including creative and contemporary dance.

About OTM Ballet classes

  • OTM teaches the Laurel Martyn Dance Teaching System (LMDTS), a holistic and creative approach to ballet brought to Australia by Laurel Martyn OBE and influenced by the Russian Vaganova method.

  • The LMDTS emphasises creative expression, musicality and a thorough understanding of the basic structure and movements of the body. In this way it reflects the OTM values and principles.

  • Ballet exams are held annually and are an option for students who are keen to challenge themselves in a formalised way.

  • OTM places great importance on dance safety and impeccable technique. We also incorporate the Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) system by Marie Walton-Mahon ensuring that our students reach their highest potential with an awareness of the biomechanics of dance alongside their artistry.

  • Our classical ballet program begins with our Petit Ballet Classes designed for preschoolers, through to classical ballet training for Primary (Stage 1 to 4) to the Senior level (Degree 1 to 6) in the Laurel Martyn Dance Teaching System.


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What to wear

Please refer to uniform section of our ballet handbook for detailed information on what to wear to your ballet class. 


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