Carefully selected music, beautiful props, and the guidance of your OTM teacher inspires self-expression and confidence in movement. 

Ages: preschool – 18 year olds

These classes are a creative and relaxing way for children and teens to share yoga and dance improvisation in an inspiring, safe and supportive environment. Our unique brand of creative dance is inspired by the style brought to Australia by yoga and dance trailblazer Dorotea Mangiamele in the 1970s.  

Our yoga syllabus is drawn from the Yoga Education Resources program developed by Over the Moon principal Edna Reinhardt over 40 years of teaching.


Music is a very important element in creative dance – many of the images and flavour of the dance come from the music, inspiring dance design ideas and kinesthetic responses. Edna and staff carefully curate a weekly playlist, exposing students to a wide range of styles from western classical music to world music.

Through these classes, students develop an intuitive understanding of the relationship between music, movement and culture.

About OTM Creative Dance & Yoga classes

  • Consciously linking the relationship between the mind, body and breath through a creative and age-appropriate approach to yoga postures.

  • Emphasis on flexibility of the spine and limbs; focus on alignment and strength.

  • Creative and age-appropriate introduction to mindfulness and relaxation.

  • Playful and creative yoga sequencing.

  • Encouraging students to express their movement ideas with confidence.

  • Using props and imaginative dance ideas to explore the main elements of dance which include Body Action Space Time and Energy.

  • Introduction to choreography and kinesthetic memory through set cultural dances and choreographic exercises.

What to wear

  • A short or long sleeved tee-shirt

  • Leggings, shorts or tracksuit pants

  • Hair tied off the face

  • No jewellery

  • Bare feet


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