The way we teach


Following in the footsteps of creative dance pioneer Isadora Duncan and building on the method taught by Melbourne's Dorothea Mangiamele, Over the Moon's creative dance practice is a process-orientated activity where students develop movement ideas out of three basic ingredients: time, space and energy.
All students are encouraged to explore these concepts at their own physical and intellectual level. Students develop a love of music and dance through their classes and, most importantly, grow more confident in presenting and exploring their own unique ideas.
Music is an integral part of creative dance and many of the images and flavours of the dance come from the selected sounds. Through their dance education, students are exposed to and become familiar with a wide range of styles, from classical and modern orchestral music, to world, contemporary and traditional music. Students develop an intuitive understanding of the different forms of music and through it develop dance design ideas and kinaesthetic responses.
Yoga education is central to all our creative dance classes here at Over the Moon. Young children delight in movement and their joy in physical extension is the key to teaching the connectedness between mind and body. The practice of yoga also helps them learn how to focus – an important life skill.