Contemporary dance

Modern, jazz and classical dance come together in our contemporary classes. Work on your agility, technique and artistic expression.


Ages: grade 4 – teens

Incorporating elements of classical, modern and jazz our contemporary dance classes develop and explore movement with a focus on strength, coordination and performance

Our dance teachers bring their own distinctive approaches to their classes by drawing on their own background and training delivering classes that explore the principles of contemporary dance - alignment, suspension, rebound, release, contraction, control, momentum, elevation and clarity of movement. In this class students dance with bare feet, practice short movement phrases that promote organic movement and learn longer sequences to develop the skill of picking up new choreography with ease

About OTM Contemporary Dance classes

We teach a systematic and progressive syllabus that incorporates the following techniques within every class:

  • Warm up and cool down

  • Skillful change of levels

  • Floor work

  • Elevation (leaps, jumps etc)

  • Travelling sequence (moving across the room using a range of techniques]

  • Changes of direction or turns

  • Dynamic variation

  • Isolation (a coordination skill where different body parts move simultaneously and independently from each other)

  • Performance skills

Please note: these classes are physically demanding. It is recommended that students commit to attending a class for at least 12 months to learn the necessary skills for a robust contemporary dance technique.

What to wear

  • A short or long sleeved tee-shirt

  • Leggings, shorts or tracksuit pants

  • Hair tied off the face

  • No jewellery

  • Bare feet


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