Toddlers & grown ups creative dance

Run, skip, sway and roll together in this joyful class that celebrates creativity and connectedness between children and the grown ups in their lives. 

Ages: 2 ½ to 3 ½ year olds and accompanying adults

Yoga with a young child is not slow and serious; it's a game, but somehow we find ourselves mastering a whole series of strong and stretchy poses. You would be surprised by the variety and number of yoga postures we learn in this class.

There are some quiet times such as when grown ups pull us along on a blanket as we lie down. It's our boat. We know that it's time for the boats because the music changes to 'boat music'.

One part of the class is devoted to allowing parents to have a moment of lying on the blanket alone and relaxing to some quiet music. Meanwhile children and their teacher make a circle and sit quietly together as they take it in turns to snuff out a candle.

Many different props transform the room each week and the playlists consist of a wide range of classical and world music. This is an excellent way to experience beautiful music.

At the end of the class we usually take it in turns to run and jump out the door. The music for the jumps is always different and lively. It's just right for jumping.

Each activity and prop is especially designed to support a familiarity and ease of movement to specific pieces of music. All of the music is age appropriate without being over simplified. Each activity is designed to enhance the childrens' enjoyment of music and dance.

About OTM Toddlers & Grown Ups Creative Dance classes

  • We run, side-skip, sway and roll

  • We make shapes with our bodies and practice little acrobatic tricks such as flips with our adult as the base

  • We perform tasks with props such as throwing and catching coloured feathers accompanied by a Chopin Nocturne

  • Within the same class we will perform a number of other tasks accompanied by contrasting music and props such as African music with large gym balls, baskets or hoops

  • Within each class we explore a variety of textures such as earthy, fluid, rigid and floppy

  • We explore spatial awareness as we move around objects in a room or make a circle together

  • Sometimes we run from one corner of the room to another, developing an awareness of travelling in a diagonal line

    Please note. This class is designed for parents and toddlers only. Parents are asked to make alternative arrangements for other siblings.

What to wear

Adults and children should wear loose comfortable clothing with bare feet, as you would for a yoga or exercise class. Children may have a specific idea about what their outfit should be and, as long as it doesn't inhibit their movement, we support that.


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